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OBERON-gruppen består av snabbt växande företag som är verksamma på de baltiska och skandinaviska marknaderna där de tar sig an projekt för hantering, installation och utformning av el, tele och lågspänningsnät och system

  • OBERON INGENERIA, SIA (Lettland) grundat år 2006

  • OBERON TEHNIKA, SIA (Lettland) grundat år 2007

  • OBERONING, AB (Sverige) grundat år 2012


OBERON INGENERIA the first enterprise of  the group of OBERON companies founded by professional electrical engineers in 2006 in Latvia. Business activities of OBERON INGENERIA on the construction market started with electrical installation projects of residential buildings and commercial premises in Riga. Later company was involved in commercial, municipal and industrial construction projects as a subcontractor for  electrical engineering, design and installation works. Today, main focuses of  OBERON INGENERIA are engineering and design services, development of different technical solutions and coordination of a project for all electrical, telecommunication and automation systems in different areas.

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OBERON TEHNIKA. In 2007 by the same founders established the company OBERON TEHNIKA. The main activity of the company is Engineering, Design, Construction and Assembly of distribution electrical networks as ground cables, overhead lines, substations and distribution points up to 42kV, territory and road lighting, telecommunications networks, fiber optic broadband networks, etc. Today, the company takes a  good position at Latvian market in the field of Engineering, Design, Construction and Assembly of power and telecommunication networks, performing state, municipal, commercial and private orders.


OBERONING AB. In 2011 OBERON TEHNIKA started operations on Swedish market in the field of electrical, telecommunication, security and automation installations for residential construction projects. In 2012 owners decided to attract additional investment, to establish and to develop the company in Sweden, using knowledge, human resources and experience of Latvian companies. Thus began the story of OBERONING AB, third company of the group of OBERON companies, which successfully operates at various projects on Swedish market today.

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